About us

Photo High Technologies was founded in 2013 in cooperation with the Foundation of the University of  Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. Since the beginning of our activity we have been dealing with the problem of photochemical processes with particular emphasis on the development of new solutions in cationic and radical photopolymerization.

Our first success was the commercialization of GalOrti photoinitiators. Synthos S.A. acquired a license to produce and sell photoinitiators giving them a new name Sylanto.

We are still carrying out our research whose main goal is to develop cationic photoinitiators working in visible light . Apart from the mainstream of research we specialize in the development and synthesis of photosensitizers, photostabilizers and dyes.

Over the past two years, we have also got engaged in the development of specialized UV curable paints and varnishes, the improvement of two-component rigid foams polymers and, together with the international consortium, the training of doctoral students in the broad field of photochemistry.