The main research line in Photo High Technologies is the synthesis of new photoinitiators used in the general coating industry, the printing industry and advanced adhesives.

Our two GalOrti family photoinitiators (CAS 2091854-12-3 and 2091854-13-4) have been developed to meet the lack of spectral matching of traditional photoinitiators to modern UV-LED light sources. The license for the above initiators was acquired in 2016 by Synthos S.A. From then on, the current name of this product is Sylanto.

Currently, together with Synthos S.A., we are doing a research project aimed at obtaining a new generation of cationic, radical and hybrid photoinitiators that open the way to obtaining plastics called the Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN). Through the concept of the next generation we mean systems with nonstandard chromophore structure, working in visible light and completely decolourizing after curing.

At the same time, work is underway on a European grant awarded in May 2017 to a consortium of scientific and manufacturing centers located in six European countries. Research objects are photochemical phenomena occurring during polymerization in emulsions. The aim is to develop pro-ecological solutions to overcome previous solutions and to educate the scientific staff during several months of work in beneficiary laboratories, including PHT.