Cationic photoinitiators

On your request we deliver photoinitiators based on diaryliodonium and sulfonium salts with any anion you like. With those modifications you can gain better spectra, efficiency and solubility. Select the cation structure or draw your own, type of anion, enter the size of the order, contact with us.

You can also choose a coumarin based photoinitiators with excellent absorption spectra (λmax = 360 nm) under the name Sylanto. In this case you can choose any anion as well. With Sylanto photoinitiators there is no need to use co-initiators, like thioxanthone.

R = H, alkyl, aromatic ring + others
A = PF6, Sb6, halogen, CF3SO3, anion based on boron and aluminum + others

Radical photoinitiators

If you are interested into radical photoinitiators we can deliver customized products based on the general structures of TPO, BAPO and acetophenone moiety. Each of the products you ordered,  both radical and cationic, can be tested for absorption, quantum efficiency, kinetics using FT-IR or photo-DSC and real applications. Just email or call us, we can discuss about your plans.


When commercially available co-initiators do not meet your needs, write to us and share your requirements. We will offer an alternative to the thioxanthone, bisimidazole and other family products, or we will conduct a synthesis of the compounds you have designed.